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Pixel Pro - Premium Bootstrap 5 UI KIT Preview

Volt Pro - Premium Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Preview

Neumorphism UI PRO Bootstrap Preview

Rocket – SaaS Bootstrap Template Preview

Volt Pro React Dashboard Preview

Spaces – Listing Bootstrap Template Preview

Leaf - Nonprofit Environmental Bootstrap 4 Template Preview

Leo - Agency Bootstrap 4 Template Preview

Volt Pro Django Dashboard Preview

Volt - Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Template Preview

Neumorphism UI Bootstrap Preview

Volt React Dashboard Preview

Pixel - Free Bootstrap 5 UI KIT Preview

Windows 95 UI Kit Preview

Swipe - Free One Page Bootstrap 5 Template Preview

Impact Design System Preview

Volt Django Dashboard Preview

Bootstrap templates: what you need to know

Bootstrap is the most popular CSS framework in the world, used by over 10 million websites worldwide, an estimate according to Bootstrap CDN. It is a set of web components that can help you get started building fast and modern user interfaces without having to set up the boilerplate code for basic elements such as buttons, form controls, modals, and many more.

So what are Bootstrap templates more exactly and how can they help you when building websites?

You can look at Bootstrap templates as a collection of pages, sections, and components based on the Bootstrap CSS Framework. These templates are great if you want to save time building a website and use out-of-the-box pages, such as a homepage, contact page, about page, a user dashboard, and many more.

By having a solid starting point for your website using these Bootstrap templates, you can now focus on customizing the website using the Sass variables to change colors, fonts, sizes, and many more and add new awesome features, without having to waste weeks of time on building boilerplate code.

Another advantage of Bootstrap is that by default it's free and open-source. Lately a new version has been released called Bootstrap 5, and it effectively removes jQuery as a dependency which enables you to create even faster websites using Bootstrap.

Bootstrap Templates from Themesberg

We at Themesberg are a passionate team of designers and developers who work hard to provide the world with the best themes and templates that we can craft. We spend a lot of time prototyping, sketching, designing, building, and launching every single theme that you can browse on Themesberg.

Our main principles are to build high-quality, accessible, and modern design based templates for developers, software companies, and entrepreneurs.

Here are just some of the advantages of using a Bootstrap template from Themesberg:

  1. Top quality. We spend countless of hours prototyping, designing, coding, and making sure that the final codebase is solid and works across most devices and browsers. We're always up to date with the latest design trends, but we always put a higher focus on the user experience of the template, rather than just the user interface.
  2. Responsive layout. In today's age mobile and tablet devices have overrun the desktop users by numbers since a few years. Every website on the internet should be responsive and be accessible on multiple devices. Our Bootstrap Templates are responsive.
  3. Built for developers. The Bootstrap Templates on this page are specifically built for developers to be used for any scenario. You can use it to integrate with Wordpress, or any other front-end or back-end technology of your choice. The files and folder structure is easy to understand and you also get a Gulp file out of the box to get you started compiling the Sass files with ease.
  4. Tech support. If you purchase a premium item from Themesberg, you will get at least 6 months of tech support from one of the theme creators. We're always eager to help you out and establish a long term relationship between you and our platform to help you build websites for yourself, your business, or your clients.
  5. Open-source. Some of the templates that we have built are free to use and open-source under the MIT License. We want to give back to the open-source community, but we also want to let you try out some of our free themes before commiting to a premium one.
  6. Free updates. We may not have a large amount of themes, but we do take care of them. We regularly update each of them to add new features, update dependencies, and fix bugs that are being reported by our users. You can check out the changelog section of any product page to see what and when updates occured.

Having said that, we invite you to browse some of the Bootstrap themes on this page and don't hesitate contacting us if you have a question.

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