Pixel Pro - Premium Bootstrap 5 UI KIT

Premium Bootstrap 5 UI Kit with user dashboard


Pixel Pro is a premium Bootstrap 5 UI Kit without jQuery featuring over 1000 components, 50+ sections and 35 example pages including a fully fledged user dashboard.

Pixel is available in both the latest stable version of Bootstrap 4.5 and the new Bootstrap 5 version without jQuery:

You get both versions if your purchase this item.

1000+ Components

Buttons, timelines, blog cards, profile cards, tables, accordions... you name it and we have it.

Our components are a perfect extension of Bootstrap 4 so you will find it very easy to work with our code if you're familiar with their class names and styles. Furthermore, we've made sure to that all components are well documented.

Our components are created by the Object Oriented CSS principle, which means that the classes can be combined each other. You want to make a rounded button, but with the secondary color and an animation? Great! All you have to do is add .btn, .btn-rounded, .btn-secondary and .animate-up-2. How awesome is that?

50+ Sections

Sections are made up of components. These are the big boys and they include the navigation bars, footers, about sections, contact sections and many more.

We believe that our navigation bars are one of the most customizable ones out there. You can change the whole color scheme just by changing a letter amongst the classes. Why not check them out under the "Sections" category?

35 Example Pages

These are the last building blocks to build an awesome website. We made sure to offer you a few example pages to prove how useful and great our UI Kit is. You'll find landing pages for app presentations, to showcase your freelancer profile and even a cryptocurrency themed page.

Additionally you will get many secondary utility pages, such as pricing, about, contact, support center, careers, authentication pages and many more


Pixel Pro also comes with a user dashboard containing charts, vectorial maps, statistics, cards, messaging, user settings, billing and many more. You can use this dashboard for a user control panel for almost any scenario.

Bootstrap 5 + Vanilla JS (no jQuery)

Since the release of the new version 5 of Bootstrap we know that the CSS Framework no longer requires jQuery as a dependency.

Version 5 of Pixel Pro no longer has jQuery included and all libraries and scripts are now Vanilla JS reducing overall loading time and simplifying integration into other front-end web technologies such as React, Angular, Vue and so on.

However, Pixel Pro v4 is based on the latest stable version of Bootstrap v4.5 still including jQuery. By purchasing Pixel Pro you will get both version with and without jQuery and be able to download them from your dashboard.

Advanced development flow

If you purchase Pixel Pro you will get an advanced development workflow package including Sass files and a Gulp commands file that will let you build minified and unminified project files with the ability to even add certain blocks of code based on your environment.

Well documented

Pixel Pro is thoroughly documented on how to get started, how to use the building tools, components, plugins and many more. Learn how to get started with Pixel Pro by clicking here.

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411 purchases
Price: $89
Released: 5 years ago
Updated: 3 years ago
Version: 5.4.0
Category: UI Kits
Well Documented
  • 6 months premium support included
  • 100% W3C valid HTML5 files
  • Future updates
  • Fully responsive pages
  • 30 day refund policy
  • Built by Themesberg

35 Hand-crafted Example Pages

After downloading Pixel Pro - Premium Bootstrap 5 UI KIT you will get 35 high-quality example pages to save you time writing boilerplate code and set up the user interface of your website or web application in no time.

Hover over any page below and if you click on one of them you will be able to live preview one of the example pages in your browser.

Folder structure

We believe that being transparent when it comes to the code base and the file structure can make you better understand how it is going to be like to actually work with Pixel Pro.

Below you can check out the folder structure of this template, and by hovering over each item you can also read an explanation of what the folder contains and what its role is.

You need only HTML, CSS and Javascript?

Don't worry, we got you covered. We have a folder called html&css which includes only the basic HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript technologies.

  • src
    • assets
    • html
    • partials
    • scss
    • index.html
  • html&css
  • .temp
  • dist
  • node_modules
  • gulpfile.js
  • package.json
  • README.md
  • .gitignore

Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5
6 Reviews for Pixel Pro
4 years ago

The people at Themesberg know how to make a great design (that's also great regarding accessibility). Their products are visually very appealing, and also technically top notch. Very happy with my purchase of Pixel Pro. It is based on Bootstrap, which also makes it a real joy to work with: Bootstrap is very mature and there are lots of resources available.

4 years ago

The stunning aesthetics, frequent updates, and wonderful customer support that Themesberg provides makes Pixel Pro a great choice for any project, hobby or professional. Highly recommended.

4 years ago

Very good theme: Highly recommended. I needed it for a wordpress project and I integrated it very easily with a bootstrap starter theme.

3 years ago

Amazing template .... highly recommended

4 years ago

What can I say? The theme is beautiful and is very easy yet powerful to use. I have been using this theme since the initial release and it has gone from strength to strength. As far as support goes, it is absolutely outstanding! I lost the email containing my download link after I wiped my computers, 1 email sent to the developers and I had a reply within 5 minutes!! This has happened more time than I care to admit now, but every time the developers have got back to me almost instantly. Now we have a dashboard where we can access our purchases from, so hopefully no more bothering the developers for the download links. Thank you again to everyone involved in creating this theme and the fantastic support.

1 year ago

Fantastic customer service, fast replies, great theme and UI. This UI kit takes Bootstrap to the next level and for the price you can't go wrong. Highly recommend this company & themes. I will be back for more :) Also to upgrade to the company's

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We believe that providing meaningful updates to our templates are important to keep up with the evolution of the dependencies, libraries, and the new design requirements that the modern day web industry requires.

Below you can see the timeline of changes for Pixel Pro since its initial launch 5 years ago.


v5.4.0 - June 12, 2021 Latest release
  • Updated to Bootstrap 5.0.1 stable
  • Fixed GlideJS responsive problems
  • Updated Sign in and Sign up modal and card responsive spacings
  • Remove sections separator shapes
  • Fix the navigation bar sticky colors on mobile
  • Fix the message list dropdown element
  • Fix the item list submit button tablet responsive screen
v5.3.1 - February 16, 2021
  • Updated to Bootstrap 5 Beta 2
  • Fixed carousel indicators
  • Fixed e-commerce quantity select element
v5.3 - February 10, 2021
  • Updated to Bootstrap 5 Beta 1
  • Removed vendor folder from Sass and include third-party dependencies only via node_modules
  • Variables are now overridable
  • Improved Sass import structure
  • Added user information and sign out on mobile devices for the dashboard pages
  • Improved overall styling
  • Improved presentation page
v5.2 - December 10, 2020
  • Updated to Bootstrap 5 Alpha-3
  • Added floating labels
  • Improved design and markup for file upload elements
  • Improved overall user interface
  • Updated the accordion component to match the new markup from BS5 Alpha 3
  • Fixed some device-specific issues
  • Social login buttons are now anchor tags, instead of button elements
v5.1 - July 29, 2020
  • Fixed menu styles for tablets
  • Fixed some responsive issues
  • Fixed the progress bars
v5.0 - July 20, 2020
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 5.0 alpha
  • Removed jQuery as a dependency
  • Updated all libraries so that jQuery is no longer required
  • Bug fixes
v4.0 - May 09, 2020 Bootstrap v4.5
  • Added new dashboard pages including user settings, billing, messaging and many more
  • Added many new pages including new landing pages, support center, careers and so on
  • Added charts
  • Added vectorial maps
  • Improved navigation bar markup, accessibility and multi-level dropdowns
  • Improved gulpfile to add analytics tools based on environment build
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Visual improvements across the whole app
v3.1 - April 13, 2020
  • Updated all colors to comply with WCAG 2.1 Accessibility standards
  • Added E-Commerce components
  • Improve markup and code quality
  • Improve design based on the newest design trends
  • Added Chart JS
  • Created a better online documentation
  • Added fancy loader
  • Updated all example pages to improve quality
  • Added Toasts component
  • Fixed accessibility issues based on WAVE evaluation tool
  • Updated Bootstrap Datepicker
  • Update form styles
  • Update tables
  • Updated some pages markup
v2.2 - August 28, 2020
  • Added My account page
  • Added My items page
  • Added Edit item page
  • Removed Starter folder (it complicated things more than it did good)
  • Update card borders, shadows & general apperance
  • Input colors now darker for better readability
  • Fix dropdown button border radius
  • Fix input tags color
  • Fix accordion border color
  • Fixed contact page js paths
v2.0 - November 09, 2019
  • Switch vendor third party libraries to npm packages
  • Slightly updated gulpfile.js file to move node_modules to the dist and html&css folder
  • Start using gulp-include to DRY navigation bars, scripts, heading code and the footers
  • Removed unneeded role="button" attributes for most of the links
  • Fix wrapping issues for tablet sizes across all components
  • Major updates to the file structure, the src folder is now no longer being served directly to BrowserSync but a .temp folder
  • Added a starter template folder to ease new project setup
v1.1 - September 09, 2019
  • Updated to Gulp 4
  • Added better images
  • Fixed some design inconsistencies
  • Created a separate page to showcase all available pages
v1.0 - July 09, 2019
  • Initial release files