Black Friday 2021 - Top 10 Software Deals for Web Developers and Designer

It’s that time of the year again and most of us have been saving up some money to get some sweet deals for this year’s Black Friday craze. The day has come so let’s seize the best deals.

Black Friday 2021 deals for web developers

Personally I must say that I’m seeing some pretty good deals compared to last year’s offers and I’m excited to show you the top 10 deals that struck my eye.

This top has been calculated based on the following criterias:

  • quality of the product is above the market average;
  • good reputation as a brand and positive reviews overall;
  • consistent discounts based on the regular price.

Let's get started!

Themesberg - up to 98% off themes and templates built with Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap 5, React.js, and Figma

Themesberg is a brand that doesn’t really offer discounts throughout the year and is renowned for the admin dashboard layouts and UI kits that it built throughout the years.

There are lots of open source projects coming out of this company, but the pro versions of these projects offer a lot more pages and components to work with.

Themesberg Black Friday 2021

Compared to last year you’re getting three more deals and although it costs $20 more, you’re getting a Tailwind CSS, React.js, and Figma admin dashboard interface together with 7 other premium Bootstrap 5 themes.

Here’s the list of products:

  • Windster Pro - Tailwind CSS (reg. $89)
  • Volt React Pro - React.js (reg. $89)
  • Pixel Pro UI Kit - Bootstrap 5 (reg. $89)
  • Volt Pro Dashboard - Bootstrap 5 (reg. $69)
  • Figma Admin Dashboard Design Kit (reg. $79)
  • Rocket SaaS Landings + Dashboard - Bootstrap (reg. $69)
  • Spaces Directory Listing Template - Bootstrap (reg. $79)
  • Neumorphism UI Pro - Bootstrap (reg. $69)
  • Leaf Environmental Theme - Bootstrap (reg. $59)
  • Leo Agency Theme - Bootstrap (reg. $49)

There are roughly 50 orders still available out of 150 at this point and there’s only one day left until the promotion ends. If you want profit from this deal head over to the Black Friday page on Themesberg.

Themesberg - Black Friday 90% Off

Creative Tim - 80% off on a huge collection of UI kits, admin dashboards, and templates

Creative Tim is one of the oldest and most respected brands when it comes to front-end and back-end templates and themes having made its name when Material design was just getting started.

Creative Tim Black Friday 2021

This year they’re doing probably one of the best offers yet with a lot of discounts on technology stacks and they’re also giving away an exclusive lifetime access to all of their current and future products.

If you’ve been using their products I highly recommend checking out their Black Friday deal.

Creative Tim - 80% off and lifetime membership deal

Namecheap - 97% off for your next domain

It’s not enough to build a website and host it, you also need a domain name for that. And what better time to buy domain names than now when you can get a whopping 97% off from Namecheap.

Namecheap Black Friday 2021

Here’s the full list of discounts based on the TLD:

  • 37% off for .com
  • 50% off for .net
  • 50% off for .org
  • 30% off for .io
  • 88% off for .co
  • 18% off for .ai
  • 33% off for .dev
  • 67% off for
  • 88% off for .biz

Check out their full list of discounts on the official Namecheap Black Friday offer page. The offer ends in roughly 3 days.

Namecheap - 97% off domain names

AppSeed - 50% off on templates based on Django, Flask, and React

AppSeed is a company that focuses on building and generating apps with Django, Flask, and React and they have a really strong Discord community compared to others. If you’re using either Django or Flask I highly recommend checking out their Black Friday deal this year as they also don’t usually offer discounts throughout the year.

AppSeed Black Friday 2021

You can get the Flask, Django, or React version of many popular dashboards and UI kits including the Volt dashboard from Themesberg which was built through a partnership. Check out AppSeed’s Black Friday deal on their page before time runs out.

AppSeed - 50% off on Django and Flask templates

Bluehost - Save 73% for hosting services starting from $2.65/mo

Web development is not just about building websites but also about hosting them as well and one of the best Black Friday deals out there for hosting is from Bluehost. You can save up to 73% on a whole year’s hosting service starting from only $2.65/mo.

Bluehost Black Friday 2021

I always grab this deal for my Wordpress powered websites at this Black Friday season because the costs are just so low compared to the regular price. Head over to their homepage and check out this exclusive and limited time offer.

Bluehost - Save 73% for hosting for $2.65/mo

WrapPixel - 95% off on 25 templates based on Angular, React, Bootstrap, and Vue.js

Another great deal if you’re looking for a large bundle of templates is the one from WrapPixel where they offer 25 themes and templates based on technologies like Angular, React, Bootstrap, and Vue.js.

WrapPixel Black Friday 2021

Here’s the price offers and the licenses for each bundle:

  • Freelancer License $79 instead of $896.00
  • Startup License $129 instead of $1.836.00
  • Company License $299 instead of $9,376.00
  • Enterprise License $499 instead of $18,586

It’s good to note that they also offer a 50% discount on each individual product. Grab this deal by heading over to the homepage of WrapPixel.

WrapPixel - 95% off on 25 templates

MockPlus - 72% off for the yearly plan for an all-in-one product design platform

MockPlus is running another Black Friday this year and if you’re looking for a better platform when it comes to collaborating with design files and your team it’s one of the best choices on the market.

Mockplus Black Friday 2021

Here’s the list of exclusive deals:

  • 10-user annual offers - Up to 65% off (down to $35 per user)
  • 5-user annual offers - Up to 62% off (down to $40 per user)
  • 3-user annual offers - Up to 57% off (down to $50 per user)

MockPlus - 72% off design platform

BootstrapDash - 90% off Bootstrap Admin Dashboards

BootstrapDash is another great place to purchase Bootstrap powered admin dashboard templates based on technologies like Vue.js, React, and Angular.

They’re giving away a couple of bundle packages at a 90% discount and they’re also offering a 30% flat discount on all products if you use the “BLACKFRIDAY” coupon code.

BootstrapDash Black Friday 2021

Hurry up and check out their Black Friday deal page before the promotion ends.

BootstrapDash - 90% off Bootstrap admin dashboards

ExpressVPN - 15 months of VPN for only $99

If you don’t know, a VPN can help you stay anonymous on the internet and there are also other advantages in terms of privacy, security and the ability to connect to the internet through any other country in the world.

ExpressVPN Black Friday 2021

Me and my team also purchased licenses for everyone from ExpressVPN as I believe that $99 for 15 months of subscription to one of the best VPN services in the world is quite a bargain.

Head over to ExpressVPN’s Black Friday page and order your 15 months of VPN before the offer runs outs.

ExpressVPN - 15 months of VPN for only $99

ThemeSelection - 25% flat discount on 3 premium themes based on Vue.js and Laravel

If you’ve been looking for a discount from ThemeSelection you’ll be glad to know that they are running a Black Friday campaign where you can get three premium templates for a 25% discount.

Themeselection Black Friday 2021

This offer is limited to 100 purchases and I’m sure that by the time you’re reading this there will be even less available. Check out their Black Friday offer on their website.

ThemeSelection - 25% discount on templates

That’s about it for this year. Feel free to share your own Black Friday offer in the comments section below or anything else that you’ve found interesting but is not available in this article.