We partnered up with Ildiesign to create a accessibility oriented design system called Flow UI

We are excited to announce that Themesberg has partnered up with Ildiesign to create a new design system called Flow UI. The project is open source and you will be able to create beautiful websites with it. An important aspect of the project is that we will design it to be 100% compatible with the accessibility requirements based on Google’s Lighthouse benchmarks.

Flow UI Preview

Flow UI will have all the basic components you need to create a website and we’ll add in an extra few components and sections that most CSS frameworks do not offer for now. But why this focus on accessibility? Because in recent years it has become more of an issue especially for larger websites. For instance, in most countries websites made for public institutions must be completely accessible. Otherwise, you can get a hefty fine. You can read more about web accessibility laws for every country.

We will use Tailwind CSS to build the design system for the web mostly because we believe it is one of the most advanced frameworks in terms of speed of development and customization. Flow UI will also be available in other frameworks (eg. Bootstrap, React, Vue etc.) as we advance with the project.

With that being said, we encourage you to subscribe to get updates and find out when it is launched.