Volt Laravel Admin Dashboard

Free Full Stack Laravel App with Livewire & Alpine.js


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Never start a development project from scratch again. We've partnered with UPDIVISION to create the ultimate design & development toolbox, free for personal and commercial projects.

Volt Dashboard Laravel features dozens of handcrafted UI elements tailored for Bootstrap 5 and an out of the box Laravel backend. The Livewire integration allows you to build dynamic interfaces easier without leaving the comfort of your favourite framework. If you combine this even further with Alpine.js, you get the perfect combo for your next big project.

Ok, I`m in. So, what am I getting?

You're getting a lean, mean, app-building machine made of:

  • 100+ handcrafted UI components tailored for Bootstrap 5 with Vanilla JS. This means buttons, alerts, modals, datepickers and everything in between
  • 11 example pages to get you started
  • 3 lightweight plugins: datepicker, notification and charts library
  • SaaS files & Gulp commands
  • fully-functional authentication system, register and user profile editing features built with Laravel
  • Livewire & Alpine.js integration

Free for personal and commercial projects

Whether you're working on a side project or delivering to a client, with Volt Dashboard Laravel you can do both. Volt Dashboard Laravel is released under MIT license, so you can use it for personal and commercial projects for free. Just start coding.

Detailed documentation & Gulp commands for an easy workflow

We also included detailed documentation for every component and feature so it helps in your development workflow. Plus you will get an advanced development workflow package including Sass files and a Gulp commands file.

Upgrade to Pro

If you want to take advantage of more features and UI elements, check out the pro version of the Volt Laravel admin dashboard template.

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Price: $0
Released: 2 years ago
Updated: 2 years ago
Version: 1.0.1
Category: Laravel
Well Documented
  • 6 months premium support included
  • 100% W3C valid HTML5 files
  • Future updates
  • Fully responsive pages
  • 30 day refund policy
  • Built by Themesberg

Folder structure

We believe that being transparent when it comes to the code base and the file structure can make you better understand how it is going to be like to actually work with Volt Laravel.

Below you can check out the folder structure of this template, and by hovering over each item you can also read an explanation of what the folder contains and what its role is.

├── components
│   ├── buttons.blade.php                       # Buttons page
│   ├── forms.blade.php                         # Forms page
│   ├── modals.blade.php                        # Modals page
│   ├── notifications.blade.php                 # Notifications page
│   └── typography.blade.php                    # Typography page
├── dashboard.blade.php                         # Dashboard
├── layouts
│   ├── app.blade.php                           # Including layouts based on routes
│   ├── base.blade.php                          # All the styles and scripts included
│   ├── footer2.blade.php                       # Footer for pages without sidenav
│   ├── footer.blade.php                        # Footer for pages with sidenav
│   ├── nav.blade.php                           # Nav for mobile view 
│   ├── sidenav.blade.php                       # The sidebar menu
│   └── topbar.blade.php                        # Search bar, notifications and user area
├── livewire                                    # All the pages that are using livewire functionality
│   ├── auth                                    # Handles auth routes (login and register)
│   │   ├── login.blade.php                     
│   │   └── register.blade.php
│   ├── forgot-password.blade.php               # Handles the forgot-password form
│   ├── logout.blade.php                        # Logout functionality
│   ├── profile.blade.php                       # Profile page
│   ├── reset-password.blade.php                # Handles the reset password form
│   └── users.blade.php                         # Users table
├── upgrade-to-pro.blade.php                    # Upgrade to pro page
├── lock.blade.php                              # Lock page
└── transactions.blade.php                      # Transactions page
├── 404.blade.php                               # Error 404 page
├── 500.blade.php                               # Error 500 page
├── bootstrap-tables.blade.php                  # Bootstrap tables page                

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We believe that providing meaningful updates to our templates are important to keep up with the evolution of the dependencies, libraries, and the new design requirements that the modern day web industry requires.

Below you can see the timeline of changes for Volt Laravel since its initial launch 2 years ago.