Vector Maps

Use this premium vector map plugin to use geographically delimited regions, countries and many more

Getting started

For vector maps we decided to use one of the most advanced plugin called jVectorMap. For a more detailed guide and options you can browse the official plugin page. In this guide we’ll show you how to quickly get started using jVectorMap with Bootstrap.

<script src="@@path/vendor/jqvmap/dist/jquery.vmap.min.js"></script>
<script src="@@path/vendor/jqvmap/dist/maps/jquery.vmap.usa.js"></script>

And the following stylesheet file in the head tag:

<!-- VectorMap -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="@@path/vendor/jqvmap/dist/jqvmap.min.css">

USA map with tooltips

Here’s an example of a line chart:

<div id="vmap" style="width: 100%; height: 400px;"></div>


if($('#vmap').length) {
            map: 'usa_en',
            backgroundColor: '#ffffff',
            borderColor: '#ffffff',
            borderOpacity: 0,
            borderWidth: 1,
            color: '#e9ecef',
            enableZoom: false,
            hoverColor: '#0E1B48',
            hoverOpacity: null,
            normalizeFunction: 'linear',
            scaleColors: ['#b6d6ff', '#005ace'],
            selectedColor: '#0E1B48',
            selectedRegions: null,
            showTooltip: true,
            onLabelShow: function(event, label, code)
            label.text(label.text() + ': ' + Math.floor((Math.random() * 10000) + 1) + ' session');

Other countries

If you want to add another map instead of the United States, you will need to include another Javascript file containing the vectorial data like this:

<!-- VectorMap USA -->
<script src="@@path/vendor/jqvmap/dist/maps/jquery.vmap.usa.js"></script>

<!-- VectorMap Europe -->
<script src="@@path/vendor/jqvmap/dist/maps/jquery.vmap.europe"></script>

<!-- VectorMap Germany -->
<script src="@@path/vendor/jqvmap/dist/maps/jquery.vmap.germany.js"></script>

Here’s the full list of the available maps:

  • jquery.vmap.algeria.js
  • jquery.vmap.argentina.js
  • jquery.vmap.brazil.js
  • jquery.vmap.canada.js
  • jquery.vmap.europe.js
  • jquery.vmap.france.js
  • jquery.vmap.germany.js
  • jquery.vmap.greece.js
  • jquery.vmap.iran.js
  • jquery.vmap.iraq.js
  • jquery.vmap.russia.js
  • jquery.vmap.tunisia.js
  • jquery.vmap.turkey.js
  • jquery.vmap.usa.js

If you would like to add additional options or maps you can learn more from the official plugin page from jVectorMap.