Clean Code & Premium Design

Web Elements and UI Frameworks designed and built
for awesome developers

Made for the developers by the developers

Our templates are made specifically to be used by developers, which means that we know how important it is to use clean, quality and standardized code.

Themesberg templates are an extension of Bootstrap 4's CSS framework that comes with a modern look and extra components, utilities and plugins.

From components to pages

Our themes are perfectly modularized by using Bootstrap 4 UI components as building blocks.

Page layouts and website sections are created by using these components.

Phone Tablet Macbook laptop Pricing component Dropdown component Blog card component Profile card component Navbar component Modal component
$primary: #;
Buttons Changed by Sass Variables Primary Color

Sass variables and mixins

Because we use Sass in our products, changing colors, fonts and other variables will be a seemless process.

We proudly use Sass mixins to ensure that our code is DRY and properly modularized.

Clean & powerful code

Every component in our themes is built with Bootstrap 4 class names, HTML5 markup and styles. It is important for us that if you purchase our theme, you'll have an easy time to get used to it and start building awesome websites.

We use the Object Oriented CSS mindset, meaning that every class has its own well defined role. Because of that, even simple components such as buttons can combine styles. Here's an example of how you can add or remove styles from components:

<button class=" btn btn-pill btn-primary ">Primary pill</button>
<button class=" btn btn-outline-secondary ">Outline secondary</button>
Getting Started Page Pixel Bootstrap 4 UI Kit Documentation

Well documented

Components, pages, plugins and build tools are all well documented with live examples and explanations.

If you purchase one of our products and if we missed something from the documentation, our core team will happily help you out.