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Volt Vue Pro Dashboard is an admin dashboard built in TypeScript using Vue 3 front-end framework and styled with Bootstrap 5 CSS framework. It is based on the latest recommended developer experience (DX) tooling and Vue framework libraries, such as Vite, Vue Router, and Pinia.

Powered by Vue 3

Volt Vue Pro is powered by the latest version of the popular front-end framework Vue 3 and its related libraries.


Components were built with real-world scenerios in mind in a data-driven fashion. For example, tasks, messages, user notifications, etc are all arrays of data fed to component templates. This will make it easy to wire up the UI to a back-end API.

Bootstrap 5

This library is based on the latest version of the Bootstrap 5 CSS framework which brought many improvements, such as dropping dependency on jQuery, introducing RTL support, the utility API and many other style and markup improvements.


This library is built using TypeScript, which is a superset of JavaScript and provides type safety at compile time. The Vue 3 source itself is written in TypeScript.


Vite is now the recommended frontend builder for Vue 3. It was written by Evan Yu, the creator of Vue. It is lightning fast and will speed up your development time by updating the browser instantly when you make changes (Hot Module Replacement).

Vue Router

Vue Router has also been rewritten in TypeScript for Vue 3. It is the offical router of Vue.


Piniaa is now the recommended library for state management in Vue 3. It is TypeScript friendly and requires much less boilerplate than Vuex. A sample implementation is included in this template.

Single-file Component with script setup

Vue 3 introduced a simplified way of writing Single File Components (SFCs) in Vue 3 using [`script setup`]. It is the recommended way to write components using the new Composition Api. Creating components with Options API is still supported and they can live side by side with Composition API components. All components in this template are written using `script setup` with the Composition API.

10 Example Dashboard Pages

Get started with 10 beautiful example pages for a dashboard which is based on the most popular dashboard template written in Bootstrap 5, called Volt Dashboard.

Hunderds of Vue UI components

Accelerate your front-end development with fully coded Vue 3 UI components including modals, buttons, navbars, alerts, and many more.


This product is built using the following popular front-end technologies:

  • Vue 3 front-end framework
    • create-vue
    • Vite
    • Vue Router
    • Pinia
  • Bootstrap 5 CSS Framework
  • TypeScript
  • SASS CSS preprocessor
  • ESLint
  • PNPM / NPM / Yarn
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Price: $89
Released: 2 years ago
Updated: 2 years ago
Version: 1.0.0
Category: Vue
Well Documented
  • 6 months premium support included
  • 100% W3C valid HTML5 files
  • Future updates
  • Fully responsive pages
  • 30 day refund policy
  • Built by Themesberg

Folder structure

We believe that being transparent when it comes to the code base and the file structure can make you better understand how it is going to be like to actually work with Volt Pro Vue.

Below you can check out the folder structure of this template, and by hovering over each item you can also read an explanation of what the folder contains and what its role is.

Volt Pro Vue Dashboard
├── LICENSE.md
├── README.md
├── .env
├── .eslintrc.cjs
├── .gitignore
├── env.d.ts
├── index.html
├── package.json
├── pnpm-lock.yaml
├── tsconfig.json
├── tsconfig.vite-config.json
├── vite.config.ts
├── public
│   ├── android-chrome-192x192.png
│   ├── android-chrome-512x512.png
│   ├── apple-touch-icon.png
│   ├── browserconfig.xml
│   ├── favicon-16x16.png
│   ├── favicon-32x32.png
│   ├── favicon.ico
│   ├── index.html
│   ├── manifest.json
│   ├── mstile-150x150.png
│   ├── safari-pinned-tab.svg
│   └── site.webmanifest
|── src
├── assets
│   ├── img
├── components/
│   ├── Dashboard/
│   ├── Shared/
│   ├── Widgets/
├── router/
├── scss/
├── services/
├── stores/
├── views/
│   ├── Dashboard/
│   ├── Examples/
│   ├── About.vue
│   ├── Dashboard.vue
│   ├── Home.vue
│   ├── Messages.vue
├── App.vue
├── main.ts
|── stub/

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We believe that providing meaningful updates to our templates are important to keep up with the evolution of the dependencies, libraries, and the new design requirements that the modern day web industry requires.

Below you can see the timeline of changes for Volt Pro Vue since its initial launch 2 years ago.