Use the counter components to show a number as a feature such as number of users, downloads for your app

Make sure to include the following javascript just before the closing of the body tag:

<script src="@@path/vendor/countup.js/dist/countUp.umd.js"></script>


500 Happy people
<div class="icon icon-shape icon-shape-primary rounded-circle me-2 me-md-0 mb-2">
    <span class="far fa-grin-hearts"></span>
<span class="counter display-3 text-primary d-block">500</span>
<span class="h5 text-gray">Happy people</span>

Square shape

1560 Units Ordered
<div class="icon icon-shape icon-shape-secondary me-2 me-md-0 mb-2">
    <span class="fas fa-box-open"></span>
<span class="counter display-3 text-secondary d-block">1560</span>
<span class="h5 text-gray">Units Ordered</span>


12031 Lines of Code
<div class="icon icon-primary me-2 me-md-0 mb-4">
    <span class="fas fa-brain"></span>
<span class="counter display-3 text-primary d-block">12031</span>
<span class="h5 text-gray">Lines of Code</span>

Text only

500 Happy people
<span class="counter display-3 text-dark d-block">500</span>
<span class="h5 text-gray">Happy people</span>